Programmatic Essentials Buy-Side

And Then There Were Three video | slides

2020 Data Strategy: Future Proofing Your Audience Data Management video | slides

Is Incrementality The New Online Currency? video | slides

The Path To DCO: Laying The Technology Foundation video | slides

US Programmatic: Top Trends Driving Growth And Ad Spending video | slides

Data Is Everyone’s Responsibility: How To Align Your People, Process And Product video | slides

The Cookieless Web: The Clearest Conversation On What, Why, And How To Succeed In A Post Cookie World video

AI & Machine Learning – Fact vs Science Fiction video | slides

Advanced Data Strategies For Marketers video | slides

Demystifying The Vendor Ecosystem For Brands video | slides

HPE’s Omnichannel Approach to Implementing ABM video | slides

Meet Your New Best Friend: The Data Clean Room video | slides

Driving User Retention With Lyft video | slides

Data-Driven Supply Path Optimization video | slides

Master Your Marketing Flywheel: Capitalize On Interest And Intent With Omnichannel Orchestration video


Programmatic Essentials Sell-Side

Best Practices For Programmatic Creative - Finally Getting The Message Right video | slides

(Programmatic) Media in 2023 video | slides

One Publisher, Many Platforms: Optimizing Yield For Distributed Content video | slides

The CTV-First Generation’s Impact On The 2020 Elections video | slides

How To Be An Effective Sales Person In The Age Of Big Data video | slides

How To Capture 2020 Political Ad Budgets video | slides

What Publishers Should Do When Their Client Goes In-House video | slides


Programmatic Ops Talks 

Tracking the Trackers: An ITP Demo Plus Everything You Need To Know About Browser Tracking Changes video | slides

Programmatic Transparency: New Data And Supply-Chain Standards video | slides

Driving Business Growth With Facebook Technology video | slides

Understanding The Complexities Of Amazon video | slides

Alternatives To User-Level Targeting In Programmatic video

How To Streamline Your Supply Chain video | slides


Spotlight: TV & Video

Navigating The Local TV Marketplace Using Automation And Transparency video | slides

TV Is Dead! Long Live TV! video | slides

The Next Wave Of TV Measurement video | slides

Ingredients For A Successful Advanced TV Campaign video | slides

The Growth of Data Driven TV Advertising video

Data Dies in Darkness. How the Democratization of ML Is Transforming TV video


The Plenary Program

"The Big Story" - Live! video

Secret Identity — How To Survive And Thrive In An Anonymous World video | slides

Special Fireside Chat With Google video

Reclaiming Power: The Challenges Of Today’s Independent Publisher video

The Facebook Factor video

Taking Advanced Opportunities Global video | slides

Winning Minds And Stealing Hearts: Keeping Emotions In Programmatic Advertising video | slides

Beyond "Performance" video | slides

Contextual Targeting 2.0 video

It's Time To Source Media Responsibly video

SPO Will Be The Best Development In Programmatic video | slides

Using Brand Assets To Drive Performance In RTB video | slides

Emerging Realities: Retail And Television video | slides

How Clorox Does DTC video | slides

The Agency Disruption video